We offer many free of charge, services and resources, depending on your situation and your choices. We first offer free health screening and pregnancy testing to help determine if you are pregnant and determine your needs. The limited OB ultrasound is a service if you are pregnant and want to better determine how far along you are in your pregnancy. The Medical Healthcare Professionals can provide Verification of Positive Pregnancy test if you have positive testing. RN's will offer free of charge Sexually Transmitted Disease testing and prescribed treatment when needed if you are pregnant, or think you are. Free of charge prenatal vitamins are offered when needed. Options can be discussed if you are pregnant. If you choose to raise your baby, we have a way for you to earn much of what you need for your baby. 

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Free of Charge Pregnancy Testing

Most women come to North Georgia Pregnancy Services Center for free pregnancy testing as a first step. You will be required to bring government issued photo ID to this first appointment. Please call to set up appointment. 

Verification of Positive Pregnancy Testing -

If you have a positive pregnancy test you will receive a verification form you can use to begin the Medicaid process, etc. 

Informed Decision Support


If you are like many women who come to NGPSC you will appreciate a friendly person who will listen to you as you explain your situation. If you are pregnant, you want and need all of the information concerning your options.

Free of Charge
Limited OB Ultrasound


Sometimes when considering your options, you need to know how far along you are in your pregnancy. You will be offered free of charge limited OB ultrasound to help you to determine this. We want to help you with the facts in order to help you make your decision.

Call or email to set up your intake appointment, as well as an ultrasound appointment.


Free of Charge Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing

If you are pregnant, or think you are, make an appointment for  an intake appointment with health screening and pregnancy testing and then set up appointment for STD testing. The Nurse will help determine which testing you need and also prescribe treatment or referral for treatment if needed. 

Free of Charge Prenatal Vitamins

It is important to get started on prenatal vitamins as soon as you find out you are pregnant so we offer free prenatal vitamins for up to one month - until you can see your doctor.